Hello world!

The Dread-Full Woman is now blogging!!

i love dreads. full stop exclamation mark! i have a real passion for the dread journey so much so that i seem to always have lots to say about dreadlocks and dread culture, so ive decided to take the next step and start hitting social media with my love locked life lessons!

ive been a dread-head myself since i was 19, i chopped them off at 23 and spent a year of so dread-less and in that year, i began to feel as though i had lost something of myself. so i decided to start my dread adventure again. for the past 5 or so years i have been sharing the love of locks and have been lucky to meet a number of amazing people from all over the world and help them on their dread journey, it really is the most satisfying job i could have ever imagined!

here in NZ, Dreads are pretty common, especially in the south island (right now im still in the North, but i have dreams of setting myself up down south some day soon) and i suspect we view dreadlocks differently from the rest of the world because we dont have any historical attachments to them, for us, it seems to be more about looking and feeling ‘earthy’. not having to spend ages in front of the mirror each morning trying to tame wild and unruly hair probably also has a lot to do with it!

I was looking around online to see what NZ Dread places and info there was, and although i have found some amazing Dread artists, ive found very little (though im sure it is out there) from kiwi’s talking about their own dread experiences. seemed to me there was a loose end which could get knotted in (see what i did there? hehe), thus here i am!

so id like to start sharing some kiwi locked love across the world wide web and see what becomes of it.
if your a kiwi with dreads, hollah at me! if you know of any great dready related place in nz, or online spaces dedicated to kiwi dreaders, pass em on! let me know your tips and trick to dreads! send me in pics of your dreads, neat places to find dread accessories or just anything dread-full at all!

right now im in the process of getting a YouTube channel up and running too where i’ll be ranting some of my dread-full ideas and thoughts, my own tips and tricks and various other bits and pieces and what-knot (hehe, see i did it again!) so if you have any ideas for that too, give us a hollah! 🙂

im also on FB so check out The Dread-Full Woman over there too and if your looking for a dreadlocker, hit me up, if i cant help you, i can certainly put you in the right direction!

well thats all for now, keeping this one short and sweet!
will be more form me soon

keep yourselves love-locked and dashingly dread-full and see you all soon!


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