Post no.2 – dread methods

so i have now made live my YouTube Channel!
you can find me under The Dread-Full Woman.

I basically just want to talk through some things about Dreads, ive sifted through sights and cant find much about dreads from a kiwi’s view point, so thought id make a start at filling the gap! yes, right now i can only use my webcam which, lets be honest, is a bit shit. BUT its better than nothing right? depending on how i go, i may even consider trying to invest in some better equipment somewhere down the line, if i can ever find the moolar to do it!

okay-yoke! so today i thought i’d post something which would support my little YouTube rant, basically all im doing here is showing some pictures to help give you some idea about dread methods.

first of all, there is a problem with showing images for dread methods – and that is that all dreads are 100% unique! you will never get your hair looking like any of these images because your hair, just like your thumb print, is different and unique to you! secondly, none of these images are JUST AFTER THEY WERE DONE, so time and maintenance techniques will also play a factor here – i’ll talk more about maintenance another day 🙂

Anna April started with twist and rip method.

Anna April started with twist and rip method.

so above is the amazingly beautiful Anna April, you should go have a look at her on YouTube because she’s pretty darn interesting and pretty darn nice on the eyes, but from what i understand she started her dreads using the twist and rip method.

Elise Busch - Feb 2014, backcomb plus extentions

Elise Busch – Feb 2014, backcomb plus extensions

this is Elise Busch, who i am just a little in love with! shes a sweet’eart and a stunner! i found this image on google and lead me to her blog page ( also check her out on YouTube, and i challenge you not to fall a little in love with her too – but this blog is about dreads not people so ill save my swooning for another day! As far as I understand, Elise had her dreads done by backcombing and rolling with some extensions added in the bottom with a crochet hook, i think this photo (if i have the date right) shows her dreads after a few months, if you see her now they look waaay different, but i’ll come back to that.

twist dreads

twist dreads

African American type hair is commonly twisted into dreads. check out the ThristyRoots webpage for some amazing photos of some truly beautiful woman rocking some badass hair styles! (as far as i know, in NZ we dont have any issues with race and dreads, but i am aware its a big issue in other parts of the world. i mean no offense at all in this post, im merely trying to show different types of dreads to my fellow Kiwi’s)

Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco

DreadFull Woman dreads (Lilly's Locks)

DreadFull Woman dreads (Lilly’s Locks)

this is Ani DiFranco, who is one of my personal hero’s and this image is one of the inspirations for my own dreads. i dont know if they are Crochet work, but it certainly how i learnt to develop my own supper knitty knotty crochet technique.

Sky Wartooth -Neglect/O'naturale

Sky Wartooth -Neglect/O’naturale

Sky Wartooth has badass beautiful crazy locks which are made and maintained by the Neglect method – i like to call this O’Naturale 🙂 – she also has a YouTube account where you can learn more about her and her dreads.


these might look amazing, but they aren’t real! these are synthetic dreads – made Filthy’s synthetic dreads (find them on FB). so when i say in my YouTube rant that a lot of images you see are synthetics, this gives you a good example of what i mean. It can be really hard to tell whats real and whats fake. As i commented above, Elsie Buch had synthetic extensions put in which is extremely common. — i’ll be talking more about synthetics in another post 🙂

wool add ins

wool add ins

possible wool too

possible wool too

Tina Tianinen - YouTuber

Tina Tianinen – YouTuber

the other fake dread choice is wool, here are some examples of wool dreads – a lot of people will also brighten up their own dreads by adding just one or two colourful felted wool pieces. – again ill talk more about this in the ‘fake dreads’ rant.

'Jam' permed dreads (wellington)

‘Jam’ permed dreads (wellington)

finally these are permed dreads – right after they have been done – from Jam’s website. if you didn’t know, JAM is an award winning hair salon in wellington city which has had a great reputation for chemical dreads for many years. in another post i will talk about chemical dreads.

okay i think that sums that one up!
hope this has been helpful.

keep love-locked and dread-full!
The Dread-Full Woman


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